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The tallest obstacle facing homeless, transitioning, and at-risk Veterans is the ability to find and secure suitable and sustainable employment. To many veterans, earning an honest living to support themselves and their families is the key that opens the door to self-esteem, self-respect, and self-sufficiency.

Our Career Empowerment program is designed to help the unemployed veteran through each step of the process. Since every veteran is in a unique position, our program is designed to address each individual, not the masses.

Based on need, some of the services a veteran could receive through this program include:



All veterans will be assisted through the entire process until they achieve self-sustainability and maintain it for a minimum of 6 months. After all, it is the goal of everyone at 2-14C to help veterans turn their stories of struggle into stories of success and triumph!


My name is Jamie, I have been looking for work for over a year and it has been hard. A friend referred me to 2-14 connect. I sat down with Richelle and told her what I needed help with. She set me up with interview clothes, mock interviews to help me the presentation of myself. She gave me the confidence I needed. Richelle found out about a lead on a job and told me where to go online to fill out the job application and follow up with the store. It took about a week cause it was hard to get with the hiring manager, our paths kept missing. Richelle told me to keep at it. Finally it did happen and I got the job. I am very grateful for her help.
Jamie, Army Veteran

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