charity for veterans

What does that really mean? Who is 2-14 Connect? What do they do?

2-14 Connect is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization serving the Fayetteville/Ft Bragg community and surrounding areas. We are a group of veterans working to empower others to turn their stories of struggle into stories of success. Although that journey takes on a different form for each unique situation. Participation in any of our programs is completely voluntary, the goal remains the same… to connect veterans with the resources they need, help them successfully find employment to support their families, and encourage them to give back to the community they call home.

With the above goal in mind, 2-14 Connect has two key program areas:

Veterans Services – All programs are designed for and exclusive to just those that either are currently or have served in the United States military regardless of branch or discharge status.

Community Services – These programs are our way of giving back and connecting to the community we have come to know and love. These programs were designed to fill a need we have seen in the community and are open to all members of the community whether they are military connected or not, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.


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