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She Was Broken

 She was broken. Life was basically one big fog of depression, just going through the motions to make sure what had to get done was done. Each “no” became validation of what she already thought to be true. Before long, she was dependent on the system just to maintain any sense of a home. Month after month when her EBT card was refilled a bit more of the pride she once held was stolen.


She heard the whispers and knew what people said about her. Even the people that were supposed to love her or claimed to be her champion.


“She’s too lazy”

“She just wants others to support her”

“What a loser!”

“If she just tried, she wouldn’t be where she is now”

“She’s probably an addict”


Yeah, she heard it all and before long she started to believe she was some lazy worthless loser. Once her spirit was broken, her body soon followed. Her face drooped and wrinkled. Her pain she felt in her mind started to be felt in her bones and muscles. In the course of 12 months, she aged 12 years.


Desperate to turn things around, she reached out one final time before giving up. This time there were no closed doors, no one kicking her while she was down and no more verbal abuse. This time she found a caring friend to help her see through the fog and find that light up ahead.

Over the next few months, she was reminded that she wasn’t a lazy person with no purpose in life. She was stronger than she realized. She was an honorably discharged veteran carrying around the same invisible wounds as many of her sisters in arms. Most importantly, she was reminded that she was capable of so much more than she gave herself credit for. Each day her self-value improved. She found new purpose to get moving each day and not just survive, but to thrive.

Once that epiphany had a chance to settle in, she faced the world with a renewed “I can!” attitude and conquered the obstacles in her way. She started to take care of herself and feel good when she looked in the mirror, not just at the face staring back at her, but by the person in the reflection. Then she went out there and got the job. It may not be the job she once dreamed of (YET!) but it was a job and the beginning of the rest of her life.


And now? Now she holds her head up when she swipes her debit card at the store. No more EBT card, no more dirty looks from cashiers and other customers, and no more self-destruction.


It all started by someone being kind and helping rather than whispering.


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