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Roadmap to Success for Veterans

Turning Stories of Struggle to Stories of Success

Our Roadmap to Success program encompasses the concept of helping the total vet. We will sit down with the veteran to determine what their needs are and as a team, help develop an action plan to address short term needs and long-term sustainability.

Some of the areas that will be addressed include but are not limited to:



Roadmaps may utilize a combination of community referrals, case management, on- and off-site training, and personal accountability.

The goal of the program is for the alumni to be self-sufficient and self-confident.



"When I met Richelle, I was homeless with my 3 year old son. We were staying at the Salvation Army Shelter and looking for work every day. Unfortunately, I had no luck so another agency helped me get onto public assistance and into a home that we were allowed to stay in for no more than 6 months. The house was in a less than desirable neighborhood in a rough part of town, but it was a roof over our heads. I was required to spend every day doing job searches or volunteering in order to receive the small TANF check each month.

I went into 2-14 Connect and spoke with Richelle in more detail about my situation. She brought me on board as a full-time volunteer and client at the same time. I love helping the organization help others in the same situation as me. The first thing she did was help me find a home in a quiet, safe neighborhood that feels like the country even though it’s in the city. I finally had a safe home to raise my boy in!

My food stamps helped a lot, but I was still short so I was given a list of food pantries in my area that I could get to. This was especially helpful when we were first getting settled into the house.

At Halloween, I couldn’t afford a costume for my son, who by then had developed quite a personality, 2-14 Connect saved the day with a Batman costume. Christmas was a struggle also, so 2-14 Connect once again delivered by bringing presents for my little man and a food box with all the ingredients for “a proper holiday meal.” They even brought us pies for dessert!

While we were at the office, we used any down time we had to work on my job search and helping me get ready mentally for a job. When I had interviews, she would help me get ready and give me pep talks on our way there. Each time the job didn’t work out, she was there to help me stay focused on seeking a different opportunity.

About a month ago, I took a day off due to appointments and to my surprise, Richelle called on her way home to tell me she found me the perfect job and the owner was ready to hire me right away. I met with him the next day and really was hired on the spot. Now I have a real job with real pay to support my little family, I volunteer as often as I can, and I am happier than I have been in a very long time!

Everything is so much better now and it’s all thanks to 2-14 Connect! Thank you!"
Andrea, Army Veteran and Single Mom

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